Wait, 10 kids under the age of 7?!

Posted on April 24, 2012


Okay, okay people, don’t freak. They aren’t siblings. The family I babysit for only has three kids (6 yr. boy, 4 yr. girl, and 2 yr. boy), but the oldest boy, Ron*, had seven friends over. The mom, Hannah*, asked me to come in and help her out. I actually have had experience with those ages, back from my volunteering days, but she didn’t know that. A few years back, I volunteered at a kindergarten, and the teachers took to the habbit of sending all 35 kids out to the backyard, leaving me in charge while they had their coffee. So, like I said, experience.

I want to see who can guess how many of the 10 kids cried through out the day. C’mon, give it a try.

As the day wore on, and Hannah grew more and more flustered, I was still going strong. The kid fell, fine, pick him up, calm him down. Do you want a lollipop? You know it. But it wasn’t until the four-year-old girl threw a fit, that something really sunk in: little kids are so selfish.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this in a bad way. They don’t really have bad intentions with these things. It just hasn’t occured to them yet that there may be someone more inportant than them.

Here is the glorius story of the tantrum (glorified, BTW):

Nava*, got the best seat for lunch, right in front of the movie (The Prince of Egypt). She was happy, content, blissful, and wasn’t crying (thank heavens). But then, Yoni* decided he didn’t want to sit next to the two-year-old, and asked us if he could sit somewhere else. Nava, quite obviously, didn’t want to move aside. At this point, enter little girl shrieks. You get the picture. And the two-year-old, bless him, just continued watching the movie calmly. I think he probably cried the least out of them all.

Besides that, there were two girls, Maya 1* and Maya 2*, who I could not stand. Have you ever seen one little girl boss around another? Well, it ain’t pretty. And that’s an understatement. Maya 1 did the bossing, but Maya 2 seemed to welcome it. I truly hope Maya 1 learns how to respect other people, and that Maya 2 learns how to respect herself.

In conclusion, *deep breath*, it was an interesting day. I love little kids 🙂 They rock.

And…. I made money.

Stop believing that taking candy from a baby is easy,

*All the names were changed in the process of producing this post. (But the little girls really did have the same name)


P.s. I don’t have permission to post any of the pictures of the kids, so here is one of me as a baby! I took this the other day while watching home videos.